ikkuranus 2012年12月25日 19時43分
Won't start in windows 8
When launching the game I get the error: failed to start game(unknown error)
I have installed the correct vc++ and even tried compatibility mode and it just wont start.
If anyone has a workaround short of dual booting I would appreciate it.

nevermind apparently the 64bit os still requires the 32bit vc++
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PillowPants 2012年12月26日 13時29分 
Hey i think i'm having the same issue but with windows 7 64 bit anyway you can help me?
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PillowPants 2012年12月26日 13時29分 
if so that'd be awesome
$oap 2013年1月4日 10時06分 
im having the same problem too hope somone can help us soon
Maddie 2013年1月4日 15時06分 
Maybe 'cause windows 8 sucks ♥♥♥.
Juss sayin.
Span_Wolf 2013年1月6日 13時23分 
Bought the game the moment it came out. Finally installed it this morning and it won't start for me either on Windows 7 64 bit. Steam thinks the game is running and the play timer is going up, but there is nothing. I don't even get the launcher.
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DeadWire 2013年1月12日 22時55分 
Phillip の投稿を引用:
Maybe 'cause windows 8 sucks ♥♥♥.
Juss sayin.
Yes it sucks ♥♥♥ because its basically a lighter more secure version Windows7, runs 99% of software 7 can and has better FPS in most games....just sayin'
DeadWire 2013年1月12日 22時57分 
As for the the game, it runs fine on my rig with WIn8 Pro.....perhaps you should verify your game cache
Eagle 2013年4月15日 9時43分 
i have the same problem. The game start, shows the "Oddworld Inhabitants" Screen and then it is Blackscreen and an Error comes :" Game Application doesn`t work". My PC is a Win8 Pc 64 bit. Help please!!!
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