300 kills in gorilla warfare 2013年5月15日 17時31分
Too many crashes.
I am a bit disappointed for the huge number of crashes this game have. And after having completed about half of the game the game crash everytime you die. Also, in some moments the framerate its just terrible. None of those problems were present in the xbox1 version, which i bought many years ago. Anyway, its a good game.
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KeKeR 2013年5月18日 9時41分 
Yup, I have this problem too :/ Nothing to say at first, but when you start to hunt Sekto, it appears. But, yeah, this is a good game. (Sorry if I made mistakes.)
WillieBiscuits 2013年7月27日 18時44分 
I'm running into the same problem. It was fine for the first 90% of the game. Now I'm in the final part of the game, Sekto Dam, and the game crashes every time I die. If someone has a solution that would be great!
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Jkun 2013年8月4日 1時48分 
Same. Brilliant game, streamed it live until Sekto, and now, every time I die I have to relaunch. Unplayable.
300 kills in gorilla warfare 2013年8月4日 5時12分 
when you are about to die you can reload from you last save.
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