Kuehnau Feb 1 @ 10:56pm
Controls are all messed up
I am using a Xbox 360 Pro-EX Mini, every other game I own works just fine, except this one. For whatever reason, the controls are all messed up on it. And in the game's guide, it says to press buttons like "joy 1" and stuff like that.

Why couldn't you guys do better controller support? Jesus.
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LaughingManiacFish Feb 3 @ 10:27pm 
I'm used to things like joy 1 joy 2 for the most part. What does bug me is that the game isn't working at all with my logitech controller. If i make it so that my d pad changes my ammo then every button press seems to set it off and run through ammo like I'm scrolling up. But I haven't tried 360 controller emulators or anything yet. Mostly out of being a little ticked off that such a widely used PC controller has such little support from game devs who love porting.
Kuehnau Feb 4 @ 1:33am 
Well the issue I have is it's supposed to have full Xbox 360 controller support, but apperently if it isn't like, THE Xbox 360 controller it doesn't reconize it as such, even though all my other games do.
elbandito Feb 6 @ 2:33pm 
just use a keyboard i find the keyboard controls really good but i havent tryed the game with controller so ill try that and get back to u
Kuehnau Feb 7 @ 1:53am 
No. I am not going to use a keyboard.
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