SketchSlayer Jul 14 @ 2:49pm
Capturing Meagly alive
Well even on low health (3 red stars above) this guy seems immune to both skunks and webbing and his stamina regens so fast there's no way to really drain it as melee doesn't seem to even drain it at all and he tends to be able to escape melee range easily since he's insanely fast.
All this is after emptying boombats and some thudslugs into the first lifebar then nearly killing him with bees, so yeah how the hells are you supposed to bring him in alive?
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SquidyInk Aug 5 @ 2:09am 
Is he the one riding some creature?
T-BOne Aug 5 @ 12:37pm 
You have to time your zapfly and thudslug reload perfectly. If you do it right his stamina wont regen fast enough
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T-BOne Aug 5 @ 12:40pm

This is an old playthrough on console but he shows off how to do it pretty well at 7:04
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