Mutaul Mar 8 @ 8:21pm
Dreadnought and Terminator Armour
I have started playing this again after a few years, and have got up to about day 20.
When do you get Terminator Armour, and the Dreadnought?
I have weapons for both the dread, and Termy Armour but can't use them yet, they are taking up space for available weapons.
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Futaleufu Mar 9 @ 10:44am 
For the dreadnought you need to complete the mission "Collect the 3 samples" and then one of the "array" missions. The terminator armors are rewards for optional missions. You also get one when Tarkus reunites with the team.
Mutaul Mar 16 @ 7:19pm 
Thanks, I have them now.
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