OptimisticChap Mar 1 @ 8:07am
Unable to start Warhammer 40,000:DawnOfWar 2
i bought the game through steam, and after i bought and download it, i can never open and play it. it always says there is an error, i sent the error report like a thousand times and i never had a reply or anything. after i redownloaded, it still didnt work, after i change my lap top, and redownload it, it wont even start up, i have been stuck with it for close to a year, i spent money buying it and i cant even play it, it goes with the DoW2 chaos expansion pack too. the DoW2 retribution i can play but the other 2 i cant and i feel like i wasted so much money buying them and i cant even play them, worse still, even after sending emails to them, i dont even get a response!
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Imrahel Mar 3 @ 4:35am 
having the same issue here I have no idea whats going on
OptimisticChap Mar 3 @ 5:39am 
still trying to find a solution online but even after i tried, it still didnt work
Jerry the possum Mar 3 @ 6:58am 
same problem...
FunkerGreg Mar 5 @ 1:38pm 
try downloading the new version of games for windows live directly from microsoft-- worked for me
liquidwilson Mar 7 @ 9:25pm 
FunkerGreg's advice is sound. I've been having this issue and this fixed it. Amazing to have it working again.
orochi"the snake" Mar 8 @ 10:43pm 
You must signed up and be logged in at Microsoft Live in order to play this game.
Mutaul Mar 9 @ 5:32am 
You don't actually need to be logged in to windows live, or even have a windows live account. You just need to install windows live, and when you open up DOW II, create an offline account.
OptimisticChap Mar 11 @ 5:55am 
thank you so much!! its finally working for me :D
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