Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific

Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific

Pumba Feb 27, 2014 @ 11:13pm
How do you escape escort ships?
After I sink 1 of the escort ships on a convoy the remaining ones hunt me down easy. I always try to escape using silent running at 1/3 speed and decoys but they always catch up. When they start circling me I turn off my engine and go down to 160 ft so that they don't pick me up on their sonar yet they always find me. Any tips or strategies on how to escape?

off topic: Also I keep getting the "On December 11th Germany declared war..." message, is that a bug or something?
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Bodin Feb 27, 2014 @ 11:53pm 
I am no expert, but here are some bits of info I've picked up regarding that sort of thing. Don't quote me--I'm sure someone more knowledgeable can correct me where I'm wrong, but: If you are stationary/running silent, escorts can't/can't easily hear you with passive sonar, but if in the right place, they can find you with active. I think that if they're pinging you, they aren't listening, but if the pinging stops and you can't hear their screws on your hydrophone, they are listening for you.

Only thing I know to do is to try and escape in an unexpected direction at silent speed, shimmying this way or that from time to time. If they find you and launch depth charges, now's a good time to throw her into flanking speed and turn your♥♥♥♥♥quickly. If you survived, go back to silent mode and continue on that course, changing it up periodically. A couple of times I seemed to confuse them by stopping and moving away in reverse, and got away after a few 'hours'. But, I'd say the best thing to do next time, if there are escorts, take out the biggest merchant ship(s) and get the hell out of there before they even know where the fish came from (it's all about tonnage after all). Unless, of course, it's a task force you were ordered to attack.

Edit: If they pinpointed you and are circling, I personally wouldn't stop, but keep moving slowly, making sure I'm below the thermal layer. Keep 'em guessing. But like I said, others might have better advice--I've had my fair share of disasters in this situation :)
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I always do crash dive and go to at least 200 feet. Keep going until you hear the words "passing thermal layer." That way they can't find you since the thermal layer prevents the sonar from finding you. Also Germany officially declared war against the US on Decemeber 11
Lowbrow Mar 2, 2014 @ 2:13pm 
You've got to dodge the escorts. Passing the thermal layer is helpful but not a surefire method. One thing that might help conceptualize avoiding the escorts is having a look at one with your periscope up and looking at the tactical navigation screen. That shows the passive detection range (and dead zone) of the escort as well as the smaller range of guaranteed detection.

If you're getting hammered by pings and they suddenly stop, there's a good chance that depth charges are falling, got to flank and change direction and depth. If you survive, drop back to 1/3 and remember not to make a beeline away since you can't hear the ships if they come at you from the stern.
Pumba Mar 9, 2014 @ 12:45pm 
My sub only goes down 165 ft and it never says I have passed the thermal layer.
Bodin Mar 9, 2014 @ 4:33pm 
In my experience, the layer isn't always at the same depth... I don't know a whole lot about oceans, but I guess it's some sort of realism included with the game. Also, I may be wrong about this, but I don't recall ever hearing the thermal depth notification in vanilla SH4 (I usually play with the TMO mod). It may, too, be useful to know that there is no text regarding the layer, only a voice that says, "We are passing the thermal layer, sir." Try diving closer to or just past crush depth.
MiKye200 Mar 10, 2014 @ 2:42am 
Originally posted by Ovin6069:
My sub only goes down 165 ft and it never says I have passed the thermal layer.

Click on the little tab under your depth gauge; this will show the depth under keel display; also the depth gauge goes deeper on that gauge.
As you descend you will often hear a voice say, "Passing thermal layer".
WILDSIDE Mar 16, 2014 @ 1:35pm 
Bodin has great advice. I can only add a couple things, those being: 1). Use the free camera to find Escort ship position instead of periscope, and 2). You need tou locate the Escort ship that's the furthest from the rest, and position yourself to circle up behind him (I'm still trying to find the best depth for this manuever), & match his speed. While he is pinging you, he can't hear you behind him because of the noise from his own propellers.Go hard rudder left or right, depending on the other Escort ship positions, (move away from them), at same time, deploy decoys, (only if there's a lot of Escort ships & if they've gained on you while positioning yourself. Otherwise don't use decoys). hit silent running, dive deeper, check free camera again & adjust rudder to straighten out in the best direction to move further away. It doesn't work every time, but for me anyway, it works more often than not. Good luck!
friscobay58 Mar 26, 2014 @ 2:14pm 
When I first began playing, I deliberately went looking for trouble to try out my escape tactics.

Didn't take too long. During the invasion of Borneo, when you steam along its west coast and that portion of the South China between Saigon, Vietnam, and Borneo, playing in the US Asiatic squadron, Japanese ships are all over. [ I immediately confronted my first ship, which as luck would have it, was an ocean liner ] which was followed up by three Japanese ASASHIO-class destroyers in-line followed by one smaller subchaser. I parked three in the liner, and dove for depth while being loudly pinged by the now-circling and alert Asashios and the fast chaser darting around dropping charges.
Cut half-circle full left to port. Straight for a time. Cut full to starboard down and then straight for a few minutes. No ''knuckling'' as the sound of this draws in their sonar like flies as you are at flank speed. 1/3d all the way. No decoys. Repeat ''S'' movements until I was actually able to rise up and take out one of their destroyers, then down again to repeat.
It will go much without saying that this will take alot of hours and patience to pull off, but it can be done even with multiple enemies. Good Hunting!
bothersome Mar 28, 2014 @ 6:06am 
The are many opinions as to how best escape destroyers. My own technique is to first make sure I'm in a boat that can dive as deep as I can. Usually this is past the safety margine. Every sub has a max depth that will hold it's depth at 1 or two knots. Going past this depth and you have to use speed and plains to "climb and claw" your way back up. Try not to go beyond that depth. Getting away from active sonar is the most difficult.

Lets say you make an attack on the target. You get a couple of hits, and the DDs are coming your way. If you are experienced, and eventually you will be, you might get a "down the throat" shot into one of the DDs approaching. But it generally dangerous to try. Once you have decided to give up the surface (this included periscope depth), it's time to get fast and get deep. You need to get below 450 feet as soon as possible. Don't worry about then knowing where you are at time. They already know most times, especially if you used gas powered torpedoes. Electrics allow you to add a little finesse in your attacks and don't always know where the shot came from, so electrics are my torpedo of choice.

Anyway, once you get down to 450 (or more if possible), you need to go to slow revolutions and don't apply full left or right rudder. That will slow your speed too much. Use a max of about 25 degrees rudder for turns. Don't Panic. Just because a DD is dropping changes, doesn't mean he's right on top of you. When you go real slow, they can't hear you (1 or 2 knots) at 450 or so. But they can active ping you and will know exactly where you are. The pings tend to go in front of the DD and down at about 45 degree angle. So once the pinging stops, charges come next. And those changes are going to be dropping about where you are going to be if you don't take evasive actions. Speed up, turn, slow down. Usually in that order too. Since they knew where you were going to flank speed for 10 seconds isn't going to compromise your position anymore than what's already known. But now you have a new factor that is unknown to them, speed. And since you now have speed, you can change heading. So do it. And after you have enough speed to get out from under those charges, turn off your motors or go back to crawl mode. See if you can sneak away far enough that they don't detect you anymore with active sonar.

Once you have snuck away far enough you can go up to periscope for another attack (usally a bad move or not worth the risk for a DD) or just move on and try to find more juicy targets. It's usually best to never surface if you can see any enemy ships on the surface. If one spots you, he will radio his mates back in on you and the whole escape process starts again.

You may notice that making an attack in shallow water (any water that doesn't allow maximum dive depth) is generally very risky. Sometimes it can't be helped, and if so, attacks need to be at max range and electrics used if possible. If the electric has a max range of 4000 yards, then the explosions need to happen at the 3950 mark or thereabouts. If using gas, 9000 yard max then 8900 sounds about right. The reason being is, you need to sneak away after the attack. You won't be loitering about looking for more opportunity. You need to get deep as you can and quiet as you can. If they don't know where you are and they aren't close by, then just sit there on the bottom as close as you can and stay quiet. If you move, you risk them hearing you. If they hear you, you die.
DaCrazyDingo Apr 14, 2014 @ 7:19pm 
Dive and make a 90 degree turn as you descend past the thermal layer. Then go quiet and continue a zig-zaggin course as you plot the DDs search pattern. Even the S-class boat will go to 200ft. Use the depth if you can.
pnwdom Aug 1, 2014 @ 9:20pm 
Launch your decoys right as you get to the thermal layer. set your speed manually to 1 or 2 kts max. I dive and run after my shot. If i am close to the convoy, i try running under it. going to silent running when the torpedo hits. If there are a lot of escorts, i make long shots and run away from the convoy. You can always come back to pick off the stragglers.
MidgetStallion Jun 13, 2017 @ 10:55pm 
i play with mod TMO2.5, the destroyer is more aggresive & accurate shooter than in vanilla. max range of destroyer will detect your surface distance at night is about 6-7km & day its double. weather affect sonar too. in 1 mission i need to intercept enemy Task Force convoy with my S-class sub near Manila on fine weather. i intercept & camp the convoy at long distance. wait at periscope depth, silent running, shoot for the biggest ship & quickly "go pass the safety depth"(red dial). -each sub has different safety depth, go down a bit more than that & test it. in TMO2.5 thermal layer can still be detected
i shoot 4 torpedo & dive asap. i dont even dare to look at periscope because i can hear a destroyer start to ping at close distance...BOOM! event camera show Mogami Cruiser down. trick them with multiple direction down there & wait with my hydrophone for 2 hour before i go periscope level again.
-i recommend you disable the outside view camera to feel more challenge with the game.
-event camera is a must have :)
-the best convoy attack position i found is go ahead or directly behind them at flanking speed
-you are not Rambo, dive when you see aircraft or warship in your map
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