Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific
Endicott Jun 11 @ 5:49pm
A very big criticism of this game was that the awards were made up and did not refelct in anyway the actual decorations of the US Navy. Is this still the case? I've heard of patches for ths problem - are they stll available?
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Tron Jun 17 @ 12:52am
Cunning Fox Jun 27 @ 4:57pm 
Might as well just write, nice.
ShareWare Junkie Aug 24 @ 6:20pm 
I suppose if you turned the difficulty down far enough, you could come away from a Career with 3x Medal of Honor and a Navy Cross to boot. Which would be totally unrealistic but; that is the benefit of a Sim like SH4. You can pretty much play it as realistic as you choose.
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