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I need help deploying my nuclear missiles. If I deploy them first, the AI knows where they are and nukes all my silos before they're done launching half of their missiles. If they are in fighter range, that's okay, but if not, I have no way of finding out where the enemy silos are. I can't send my bombers because I need them to fire SRBMs. And if it's a case of Europe versus S.E Asia, it takes way too long for subs to arrive.

If I wait until they launch, their missiles hit before mine, and again I am cut short on firepower.
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aiyel May 9, 2014 @ 8:03pm 
simple solution: win the naval battle, position your subs to counter strike when the AI launches.
Take out as many silos as you can before they go back on defensive. You'll lose a lot, but you'll also have a virtually unrestricted counterattack

Jack'o'lite May 10, 2014 @ 9:40am 
I agree with aiyel pretty much really.

The navy is crucial if you want to win games, so winning the naval battle will seriously handicap them if they want to go on the offensive, and give you the advantage in numbers at least.
I agree too, but I like to do a submarine/carrier assault on the enemys coastline while trying to save my carriers to win the game. I let the bombers target the silos and airfields, while letting the submarines nuke the surviving structures and then the enemies cities, I use my silos in the end to nuke the cities and surviving structures
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