Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

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How to fast CQB points / Быстрая прокачка ближнего боя [ENG/RUS]
by Wall Takedown
Here's a fancy little bug that will get you some easy CQB points / Небольшой баг, который облегчит получение очков ближнего боя...
Oil Refinery:Terrorist Hunt Solo Guide (Realistic)
by Twig
Solo guide on how to complete (Oil Refinery) on realistic terrorist hunt. ...
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Weapon Guide
by Travesty
This guide will walk you through all the firearms available in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, including statistics for each weapon, accessory recommendations, gameplay advice, and fun random facts....
Vegas 2 voice commands
by [Ex1S] budesimo
Vegas 2 supports some voice commands to control your teamates in single player. ...
Field of View Workaround
by Charlie Cyprus
A fix‒but‒not‒quite‒a‒fix for the awfully narrow, vomit inducing field of view....
Unlocking the Riot Shield
by DarkFade7k
Steps to getting the riot shield ...
Tips For Cleaning Out Those Terrorists
by Oats
Those gosh darn dang Terrorists givin' you a hard time? Cannot quite understand the acquisitive, dusty mercenaries of Old Vegas? Looking for some tips and tricks on out-smarting and, perhaps, out-gunning your opposition? Allow me to step in and offer t...
Special Forces of the World
by SirCharlesFiddelsworth
A guide of some of the real life special forces uniforms that you can make in Vegas 2. At the moment I haven't unlocked all of the items in the game so this guide will probably be updated a couple of times. Also the guide is quite big so it might take som...
how 2 mod some simple things
by xbox king gamer
i found out about this when i was looking through the files...