RoadKilla Apr 20 @ 12:32pm
More than 2 player co-op (works really well). Also adjust amount of Terrorists in T-Hunt:
First you can keep the bots in a corner and play with your buddies then when a event for them is needed they will just teleport once you press the action button of the event are needed for, then tell them to get back in there corner. :P

You can play with up to 16 players but that would be overkill. I'd suggest 4-8.

You'll have to make a free account but check out TeknoR6Vegas2 3.0: <-- Only the host will need to do this.

Also a handy GUI to use with it too:

I would also suggest making the bot opponents a bit more rough for the added players. The best mod I have found so far is Frosty mod: <-- All players need this.

For playing online after May as GameSpy is shutting down you'll have to use an online LAN program like Evolve: <-- Personal favorite. Simple and works great.

or Tunngle or GameRanger. Don't bother with Hamachi.
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