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HOMEWORK 2012년 11월 1일 오후 10시 59분
IRC causes my Mac to freeze and i have to quit Uplink. Please Help!!
My Macbook uses 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. Basically what happens is when i open IRC and click on the "connect" button my mac freezes, the music keeps playing and the mouse still works, but Uplink wont respond unless i "command Q" and wait for 2 min.
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PR0XIDIAN ಠ_ಠ 2013년 3월 28일 오전 1시 41분 
A Mac freezing? NO! *sarcasm* In all seriousness. Have you verrified the integrity of the game cache?
HOMEWORK 2013년 3월 28일 오전 2시 13분 
HOMEWORK 2013년 3월 28일 오전 2시 15분 
i even un-installed it and re-installed it. still the same problem. BUT when i downloaded the game from the Introversion website (creators of Uplink) it worked perfectly. the steam version is still not working, so im just using the Introversion one for now.
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