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Zhuinden 2013年2月16日 14時13分
Available on IndieGala with all other Introversion Software games!
Currently in IndieGala Colossus Bundle, it's available with all other Introvesrion Software games for a fairly low price. Check it out!
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Zhuinden 2013年2月16日 14時14分 
...I made myself sound like a terrible spam bot even though that's not the case, but really, for 6$ you can get Defcon, Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwina and some other games as well.
TaipanUk 2013年2月16日 15時34分 
It is a good deal .. although I already have them all ... but I still think the GoG deal on Uplink with the Bonus CD and Developer CD at $5.99 is a better buy :D
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