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need help (1. mission)
how i can hack the test server? I dont know. D;
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kolours420 2013年5月8日上午10:25 
you need to either get a password cracker/copy file then crack the password and go to the files and copy the uplink test data. when you do that you need to place the copy data into your hard drive(little disk icon at the bottom left) find an open spot an paste it by clicking. send the data.

Also, you will need to practice eraseing logs, get the best one, Log Deleter 4 an use that to cover your tracks.
Flea.ip 2013年5月24日下午1:21 
yeah... I had to go through the tutorial twice before I finally figured it out. The tutorial really isn't the greatest...
Doom Cookie 2013年5月25日下午12:13 
And it takes a huge amount of the in-game RAM.
Annoying Cunt 2013年6月29日下午3:30 
Fun fact: the password for the test server is always "rosebud" without quotation marks.
Tilu 2013年7月14日上午5:02 
Thanks guys it was very helpful.
adrian.rocks 2013年11月18日下午1:45 
The tutorial is awful. I've started this twice, and ended up closing it early both times, and then been unable to return. Ah well it was humble bundle... deleted.
Herr Gamer 2013年11月22日下午2:24 
I agree: The tutorial is terrible... I had to play it 3 times and googled it after a ragequit xD
Dalimyr 2013年11月23日上午2:49 
I've just gone through it myself and, well, come on. The tutorial's not that bloody bad. I've seen a lot worse in some AAA games, even modern ones. At least Uplink has the excuse of being by an indie dev back in a time where in-game tutorials weren't as prevalent as they are today (because back then publishers still included manuals with their games that actually had some useful information in them rather than just copyright info and phone numbers for customer support if it didn't work...I miss the days when PC game manuals were literally like small novels )

I also think that if you intentionally closed the tutorial early on two separate occasions and weren't able to boot it back up either time, you don't really have a right to complain about it, because that demonstrates that you have no idea what you're doing.

Anyway, I imagine there's already something up somewhere, but if anyone would desperately want one I suppose I could try to dig out a headset and record a brief tutorial to post on Youtube (or just stream on Twitch and record it as a highlight on my channel so it doesn't get purged)
Danksama 2013年11月24日上午11:32 
I don't find the tutorial hard at all really, it directs you enough and common sense kicks in where the tutorial fails a bit.
KaosReigns 2013年11月26日下午9:12 
If the tutorial is getting you guys, I cant wait till you make it to lan servers :D
Dalimyr 2013年11月27日上午5:38 
Oh God, LAN hacking. One of the few things in the game that can still get me tearing my hair out (so much so that I often just refuse to do it). It's definitely not very well-explained in the game, and you rely so heavily upon RNG of the layout - get a bad layout and a LAN can literally be impossible to hack because you'll never have time before the admin catches you and boots you out. It was nice for Introversion to add it in later patches, but it suffered from rather dodgy implementation.
Quick Tip: The username is always gonna be Admin and the pass is always going to be Rosebud (just for the test server though)
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