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Zapek Feb 4 @ 7:48am
Uplink unlaunchable after Steam update

I didn't have internet access during the weekend and I've been happily playing Uplink in offline mode.
Today I connected my laptop to internet, Steam updated and bam, I'm unable to launch the game anymore. Screenshot:
"An error ocurred in Uplink. Could not initialize Steam: 0, SteamStartup (0x4,0x0018F62C) failed with error 108: The local Steam Service is not running."

Of course Steam is running all the time.
I tried verifying the game cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, doing that with a Steam restart inbetween, doing that with a full system restart inbetween, copying Steam.dll file to Uplink's game folder. I only haven't done a full Steam reinstall but I'm not too keen on doing that.

Any advice on how to get the game to work again? Right when I was starting to get into it, doing ARC missions and stuff :/
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_HYPOstasis_ Feb 6 @ 2:03pm 
I have the same problem. I have the latest version of steam, and I know it worked before.
Zapek Feb 7 @ 2:30am 
It's already started working again for me. I haven't changed anything, I guess just Steam got updated again and fixed what they have broken before ;)
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