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The Black Vegetable Jan 26 @ 12:27pm
How do you activate story missions?
I have the non-steam version and I can't seem to activate story missions, I got the letter from the agent and did some stuff but nothing happend. My questions are: Is there a deadline; If ARC or the other company is destroyed is this impossible; and how do I do this.

please help me

thank you
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Yuyuko Saigyouji Jan 26 @ 3:02pm 
I see you already have the email. I'll include both storyline entry points in case someone ever needs to look at this for future reference though.

If you get the email from the Agent, follow this way.
The email will include a link to 'ARC Central Mainframe' and include login information. Simply bounce a connection to the mainframe and attempt to use the login info. It will fail. Disconnect and clear your logs. In about a week, ARC will send you an angry email wondering what you were doing in their systems. From here, they introduce you to the story and replying to their email will give you the mission for 'MaidenFlight'. Should you not wish to go with ARC, wait about a minute and Arunmor will send you an email which is the mission for 'Backfire'.

This is where you make your choice. Destroy the Internet or Destroy Revelation? I can't answer that for you now.

Alternate Entry (must be completed before the email you got was released)
The storyline is accessable the moment the Top Uplink Agent dies. From here, you can do something if you're already hacking Central Mainframes. First, connect to the 'ARC Public Access Server', add the adminstrator's phone to your links, disconnect, directly connect to the phone, and use a Voice Analyzer to record and save the adminstrator's voice. Then, connect to the 'ARC Internal Services System' and add the 'ARC Central Mainframe'. Bounce through an ARC system and connect to the mainframe, and make sure you knew when the Agent died, so you know what logs to look at. You should see something like this:

[Time the agent died] From unknown: Copied file 'RevelationCorev0.7'
[Time the agent died] Connection from (IP Address) disconnected.

Undelete the second log, and make it a Trace a Hacker Mission. Once you trace it back to a personal computer, directly connect to it. The password is 'MySocratesNote'.

Go to Emailz and delete both emails, as this will alert ARC that you have followed this path, and you may copy RevelationCorev0.7 to your gateway. You will recieve an email from internal@arc.net congradulating you on your hack and introducing you to the storyline.
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