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save game decoder
Hi, I wrote this save game decoder in html+javascript. its based on some pseudo code on a forum.


save games are text files with some letters changed around. paste into web page and it is immediately decoded if you used the keyboard to paste.
最近の変更はNanoPiが行いました; 2012年9月19日 3時38分
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Glen 2013年2月25日 1時51分 
Thanks, this was useful in confirming a bug.
Vas 2016年10月28日 21時29分 
Just a note, dropbox no longer allows you to view html files like this. It force downloads them. You might look for an alternate location to host this file.
NanoPi 2016年10月31日 22時28分 
I have another location set up. heywhats.updog.co/darwinia/redshirt2.html

redshirt2.html still works after downloading it from the dropbox link.

I can see why dropbox had to stop browsers from rendering html. I've been seeing spam on youtube comments with dropbox links that have html files that redirect to some shady sites.
Vas 2016年11月1日 8時46分 
Nah, I think its just because they wanted to stop people from hosting websites. And if that shady site redirect is the reason, I'd be pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off because they're punishing everyone else because of scammers. Just like Valve is punishing everyone else by blocking google.com links now.

I can't link google documents in my steam chat anymore because apparently all they get is LINK REMOVED or something. And its a document about the game we're playing.

These services need to stop punishing everyone and figure out a way to actually do the system right, like not letting people with accounts less than 3 months old render HTML, for example. That'd make spammers decide to go "Meh, not worth it" and find some other way to do it.
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1-4 / 4 のコメントを表示
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