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cartman-2000 29 юли 2013 в 8:41 следобед
Delayed sound on linux.
Is anyone else having a problem with delayed sound in the game, delayed by upto 200-500ms? This is so far the only game I've had this kind of bug in.

Also the audio can start to distort after awhile, where the only way to fix it is to either restart the game, or to switch the sound modes in the game.

Running with gentoo linux with the 3.8.13 kernel. Sound: soundblaster x-fi sound card. GFX: nvidia gtx580 with proprietary drivers.
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cartman-2000 29 юли 2013 в 9:04 следобед 
After some more testing, it seems that it's the build of libSDL they are using that is causing the delay. Using system files for SDL, which is the same version that is shipped with this game, doesn't have the delay, however 44khz sound mode doesn't work on the system ones without staticy audio, 22khz or below works properly with my systems libSDL files.

After even some more testing, I'm able to get 44.1khz mode to work without static by tweaking the SoundBufferSize variable in the config file. the default is too low for it to work on my setup, defaults to 512, works properly at 1024.
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