O Trovador Jun 2, 2013 @ 8:19pm
"Classics" and "The Shadow and the Flame"
It wouldn't be nice play these two remakes in Steam?

"Classics" is already in PSN, XBLA, smartphones and tablets
"The Shadows and the Flame" is coming for smartphones and tablets.

I am not a tablet's fan, but I really want to play these games... after all, the original games were planned for computers, isn't it fair for us (gamers that play in computers and PoP fans) play these reamakes on computer?
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Zaxx Jun 13, 2013 @ 6:44pm 
Totally agree and I actually have a thread about this on the official PoP forums for years now. We've tried talking to them but not a single response. Ubi just doesn't give a crap about us.

Here's the thread:

Also you can try emulating the android version, here's a guide on how to do that by super PoP fan Zapages :) :
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O Trovador Jun 15, 2013 @ 10:03am 
Originally posted by Zaxx:
Ubi just doesn't give a crap about us.
They never give.... I am a Shining Force fan. Since when Camelot Software Planning stopped devoloping the series, Sega continued the games in a way that none of western fans liked.

We tried to talk with Sega and with Camelot, but didn't work. Sega even kicked out some of the western fans from their official site, and blocked some twitter accounts. :(

Thanks for the links. :)
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elandryl Mar 18 @ 12:45pm 
Actually, I was a regular fan of the very first prince of Persia, back in the 90's, and I hated the "classic" version on the xbox live. The fighting system is simply a mess. Never actually managed to beat the 6th level, while I finished this game a hundred times on my PC. Avoid this version, really.
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