bobby j 2012 12 月 21 @ 7:21上午
Cannot Change "walk toggle"
I plugged in my gamepad and was mapping all the controls perfectly fine. The only one that I apparently cannot map is "walk toggle" it's pretty annoying cause he is almost permanetly walking instead of running. Any suggestions? Just to be clear I double click the bind bar thing but when I click the button I want it mapped to it doesn't map and just stays blank.
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Aidan 2012 12 月 21 @ 7:24下午 
you shouldn't have to, the analog sticks are pressure sensitive. unfortunately for us he always walks no matter how hard it's pushed. lots of other people have this issue and I can't find a fix.
bobby j 2012 12 月 21 @ 7:46下午 
So you suggest using just keyboard controls?
Aidan 2012 12 月 21 @ 8:22下午 
yeah, I'm just using KB+M.
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