Genesis 2012年12月20日 14時16分
Which is better, this version or the version that comes with the PS3 HD collection?
I'm considering getting this because it's cheap, but I want the best version of the game.
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Shade 2012年12月20日 18時43分 
I second this question, but I suspect that the HD collection is the way to go as it says nothing about "remastered" or "HD" on the store page.
Genesis 2012年12月20日 18時49分 
But the thing is, the PC version has always been HD, whereas the ps2 ones weren't, and now are on the PS3.
DePhoegon 2012年12月20日 23時51分 
Considering you are comment on steam. the PC version. I'd honestly suggest this one, and the PS3 if you really want to.

curretnly it's a killer deal 12.50~ for the combo pack of 5 Prince of Persa titles. Not sure I've seen the PS3 version that cheap or aviable.
Aidan 2012年12月21日 2時40分 
judging from some footage on youtube the graphics weren't improved upon in the hd collection at all, resolution was just increased to 720p.

edit: NVM they do get visual upgrades "new textures, new maps, antialiasing and optional sterioscopic 3d" but according to the kotaku article it isn't a dramatic upgrade (they thought it still looked like crap).
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Genesis 2012年12月21日 10時13分 
I just went ahead and got this one. Cheaper with the possibility of upping the graphics even more.
Livan 2012年12月26日 20時08分 
Genesis could u explain that cause i using max config already.
Genesis 2012年12月26日 21時41分 
@Livan: What I mean is upping the graphics with mods like widescreen hack and whatnot.
Livan 2012年12月26日 21時52分 
Genesis の投稿を引用:
@Livan: What I mean is upping the graphics with mods like widescreen hack and whatnot.

indeed i get it now tnx
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