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fedayeen45 2013年1月14日 20時37分
game control in AA3
My control in AA3 in reviving down soldier is suddenly gone. Before i can revive down solider like clicking the saline for WEAK PULSE, opa FOR DIIFICULTY IN BREATHING and etc..but now i cant revivie no matter how i click on saline or something else it doesnt work. I redownloaded AA3 hoping to recover my control but it doesnt work anymore i can only cure but i cant revive . My mouse work when i click on changing my primary weapon but in reviving it doesnt work....please help if anybody knows how to recover my control..thanksss.
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mmchaos 2013年1月22日 22時00分 
erase a file called aa3input.ini ... its here: Steam\steamapps\common\america's army 3\AA3Game\Config\aa3input.ini
fedayeen45 2013年1月22日 23時47分 
i tried what you just said but it doesnt work.
mmchaos 2013年1月26日 19時37分 
try right clicking on the game and goto properties then under local files verify game cache.
fedayeen45 2013年2月4日 1時24分 
still doesnt work..
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