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AudioSurf Achievement Guide
by MushaConvoy
Standard disclaimer: This guide is intended for use for those wishing to get the achievements in the game primarily by themselves. If you want to get them legitimately (and by that, I mean against fleshlings, not computer-aided opponents or sneaky tactics...
Все достижения. Achievment guide (Rus)
by MaxopkuH©
Гайд по получению всех достижений в игре Audiosurf....
how to get final killcam
by feasega #MCM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)™
helps very much...
how to play as mono
by chesse20
avoid gray things and touch color things...
(Nearly) Everything You Need To Know About Double Vision
by Afloat
AS handle TrebleBass/AcuteToxicity here. Just thought to make a steam guide about DV because I'm really bored. Like, really bored....
How To Actually Play As Mono
by DJ PON-3 (DnB)
I saw the guide that has been posted and thought it was a disgrace. Here I will actually (Hopefully) try and get you to play mono better....
AudioSurf Achievements Video Guide
by sanmal
Spotlight Finish, Candy Stripe achievements video guide. (+Bizarro achievement)...
How to Play Ninja Mono like not a scrub
by Zane
Hey you. You kinda suck at Ninja Mono, right? If you don't, then why are you reading. If you do, then read more....
The basic guide to audiosurf song tags (aka: custom modes)
by K00PD4WG
An in-depth explaination about modes activated by song tags in audiosurf...
Фрирайдер (Основы, Достижения и Плюшки)
by PblCb
Audiosurf (рус. Аудиосёрф) — аркадная музыкальная игровая программа-головоломка. У игрока в распоряжении есть супермобиль (как гласят игровые т...
by dranpencil
To Get More of a Challenge
by =[BMM]=EpicMoλ
A simple graphics glitch that will give you a challenge....
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