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Hypnotio 24 nov 2012, ore 19:35
What is that thing at song endings?
As you fly into the end of a song on vanilla Audiosurf, there's that gigantic octopus-style multi-tentacled thing awaiting you with open arms. I'm curious about what the community thinks... what does everyone think it is, and why must the player fly into it?
...There will probably be some interesting responses from some creative people. :D
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Nightmare Kitteh 24 nov 2012, ore 22:28 
I think it is some sort of portal to other tracks.
Dicecq° 26 nov 2012, ore 7:45 
It's a black hole that attracts you through the rail of the song and as it consumes any audio you go on the rail and collect and safe as many parts as possible to form a power superior enough to destroy the black hole, as you saw several times this target was never reached, thats why the galactic-audiosurf-alliance keeps sending their ships to someday finally destroy the black hole army..... they always get warped in a parallel universe so they have to face one-on-one, in eye-to-eye combat.. and you... you are the pilot that will finally one day unleash your people from the wrath and slavery of the black-hole-octopus-army....
Nightmare Kitteh 27 nov 2012, ore 14:45 
Thats not a bad plot for audiosurf.
selse 2 dic 2012, ore 0:52 
Of course it is a portal. You are driving a highway between portals to travel to new worlds. You are though in a kind of emergency, that's why you are crashing other cars.
Just kidding, it's just obviously a Freudian symbol.
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Hardcore Veteran 15 dic 2012, ore 7:41 
Nah... Pizzadelivery...
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