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Envy of Astora 2012년 11월 1일 오전 11시 34분
White Screen
Lately, I've been having this issue. Whenever I click "Play" on the title screen, I get a blank white screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, running it directly from where my audiosurf.exe is located, and verifying the integrity of the game cache, but none of these solutions work. I've been having this issue for the past month, and it's very frustrating to me because I want to ride to my music. How can I resolve this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Ferahtsu 2012년 11월 1일 오후 11시 44분 
Are you putting it on full screen before clicking play?
Envy of Astora 2012년 11월 2일 오전 9시 07분 
Yes. No matter whether it's on full screen or not, the same thing happens.
FUCK YEAH 2012년 11월 17일 오후 6시 47분 
my AS has this same issue =/
FUCK YEAH 2012년 11월 24일 오후 7시 32분 
someone can help me please?
Rogem 2012년 12월 30일 오후 1시 05분 
Nope, getting it on Win7 with normal installation. Reinstall, cache, etc. didn't work.

Edit: Okay, I found a fix. Here you go, step-by-step:
1) Right-click on Audiosurf in Steam. Select Properties.
2) Under Local Files, click Browse Local Files.
3) DON'T CLOSE the folder, go back to Steam and Delete Local Content as per normal.
4) After the uninstall is done, see the folder and DELETE the remaining files.
5) Reinstall Audiosurf. Your game should work now.

Edit 2: I'm an angel, I know.
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Envy of Astora 2013년 1월 17일 오후 4시 42분 
Thanks, Rogem. I'm gonna try it now.
Envy of Astora 2013년 1월 17일 오후 5시 41분 
It worked!! Thanks again!! :D
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twonky 2014년 11월 18일 오후 3시 14분 
It works for me too. Thanks!
HeWhoMeows 2016년 6월 25일 오전 9시 18분 
Quartofel 2016년 7월 3일 오전 11시 42분 
Rogem, you're the best!
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