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ConnerPlays 2012年12月7日 21時18分
Audiosurf for Handhelds?
Just a random thought.
Both the 3DS and Vita are capable systems, so why not?
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Clutch Sabo 2012年12月8日 2時24分 
eh, probably the most attractive market for this type of game would be smartphones due to them being a more open platform. I do agree it would be cool to see a handheld version of the game.
Dervae 2012年12月8日 10時12分 
Mystic Kirby 2012年12月12日 19時19分 
There is Audiosurf Air in development, but there's very little info on it. It may be for mobile, it may not.
Prof. Dr. Med. Cocktopus 2012年12月22日 9時16分 
it already lags on my sisters dual core
dont tell me you want to play it on smartphones with 800 mhz (like galaxy ace)
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Audiosurf > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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