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The Mehnificent 7. pro. 2012 v 9.18 odp.
Audiosurf for Handhelds?
Just a random thought.
Both the 3DS and Vita are capable systems, so why not?
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Clutch Sabo 8. pro. 2012 v 2.24 dop. 
eh, probably the most attractive market for this type of game would be smartphones due to them being a more open platform. I do agree it would be cool to see a handheld version of the game.
Dervae 8. pro. 2012 v 10.12 dop. 
Mystic Kirby 12. pro. 2012 v 7.19 odp. 
There is Audiosurf Air in development, but there's very little info on it. It may be for mobile, it may not.
Prof. Dr. Med. Cocktopus 22. pro. 2012 v 9.16 dop. 
it already lags on my sisters dual core
dont tell me you want to play it on smartphones with 800 mhz (like galaxy ace)
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