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Mana Upgrade Locations
by ZapperCZ
Mana Stones are increasing your mana pool. Mana Upgrades Locations there are 5 stones in game....
Апгрейды тотемов: свита, здоровье, мана
Где находятся ВСЕ тотемы для увеличения количества свиты, здоровья и маны...
Dark Crystal Locations
by ZapperCZ
Dark Cyrstal locations. There are 30 Dark Crystals in game and these are the locations i will try to show you on screenshot....
Forge Stones Locations
by ZapperCZ
Forge are used to get more awesome armor and weapons there are 3 forge stones in game and here are their Locations....
Command Stone Upgrade
by ZapperCZ
Each Command Upgrade will increase your maximum horde size by five when delivered to the Netherworld. The maximum possible horde size is 50, but you'll need to forge the Infernal Commander helmet to attain that. There are 6 command stones in game and o...
Spell Catalysts Locations
by ZapperCZ
Collected Spell Catalysts can be used to upgrade your spells. Visit the Magic Room in the Private Quarters of the Netherworld Tower to assign the Spell Catalysts to the Spell Stones. There are three spells, all of which can be upgraded to level five, so o...
Farming lifeforce and red crystals
by ZapperCZ
When you run out of something you need apart from dark crystals you should try this when you want something like infernal amor set.Simply go to everlight facility go in the fortress after few steps turn left and there should be some gnomes spawning so jus...
Overlord II - Русификатор
by |Fioh| BiOS
☠ Придворный шут предал Темного властелина, навеки заточив его в бездне. Однако обитателям окрестных земель, казалось бы, избавившимся о...
Health Stones Location
by ZapperCZ
Health Stones are increasing your health pool. There are 5 health stone in game....
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