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False Dmitry II Feb 15 @ 5:21pm
Green Hive Glitch
I've googled around and haven't found a solution. They get it take it all the way to the teleporter, and I'm told that I can now summon greens for backstabbing action. It shows the other side of the river, and a summoning point came out of the ground. But all green points remain unactive. There are no greens in the tower. I go back to the jungle and go through all of it again, without warping anywhere, or dying or anything because someone posted that not stoping got him through it. The sentinels are all dead from the last time. So it's easier to do. When it shows the other side of the river again, the summon point is still raised from before but still inactive. I have no idea why it isn't working.

In case it matters I was still possessing the minion when it when back through. Also I had taken the quest to go to the wasteland, went there (because it made me) but immediately teleported back to the tower because I decided to have more minions before going there. That was when I set sail for everlight.
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False Dmitry II Feb 16 @ 12:08am 
Apparently I had managed to sail through the gates before they closed at Everlight Reef. I wasn't even aware it would close, my only quest at the time was to sail to the island, and so I did. All the way there apparently, shipwreck and all.

Once I went back to the Reef and did all the keys, the gate opened again. I attempted to sail through, and the game crashed, probably because I had already shipwrecked, after two more attempts with crashing it actually loaded the cutscene of that happening.

Then I was on the beach where you start. It crashed when I tried to save a crewmember, probably because I had finished that quest already.

Then I teleported to the jungle, and once I ran directly to the area where the Empire Facility is (which would usually be blocked by poison gas, but wasn't now) the green summon point was usable at that spot's teleporter. I didn't even have to do the saving green hive quest a third time.
Ruudiluca: Ace Attorney Sep 4 @ 9:34pm 
Happened to me too! :P
Azeal Sep 5 @ 11:52pm 
yeah. My green hive is bugged. I can get it to the final stage of the facility but they wont move it after the towers are all taken down and the lifts move down... they all just stand there and hold it...
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