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=(eGO)= Hunter May 12, 2013 @ 10:40pm
Unable to play Online
I need help to connect online Multiplayer

OS Window 8
PC: Asus CG5270
Graphics Card GTX 660
CPU Intel Quad Core
INTERNET CONNECTION: Wire by Ethernet cable
INTERNET Connection lost >>??????????????????

Thank You.
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szami777 May 13, 2013 @ 8:05am 
i have the same problem...maybe the servers crashed
Tortellini May 13, 2013 @ 8:51am 
Grid servers were closed a few years ago
Tortellini May 13, 2013 @ 8:55am 
But you can use Tunggle or GameRanger to connect LAN with other players.
szami777 May 13, 2013 @ 9:39am 
sweet jesus im totally idiot because i buy this sh*it
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GhostlyPillow May 13, 2013 @ 10:08pm 
the grid servers werent closed on purpose, they had it liscenced to a third poarty to manage them, then that compaany was bought-out and they closed them, nothing CM could do
Ļeroy jenkins May 14, 2013 @ 3:56am 
Well thats there story. Im willing to bet this was just there chance to shut them down and place the blame elsware. It isnt that hard for them to find a new server host and patch the game to use it. People do it all the time to cracked pirated servers for WOW and other games and thats just done by one or 2 people. They make a patcher that changes the game to search for a diffrent ip. Very simple to do. Especialy when you already know the code.

Also Tunggle is your best bet. More players and GameRanger is getting over run by trolls. Hell you cant even LOOK at gameragers forum without registering. After that you will see page after page of unmanaged threads overflowing with fighting and trolling. If you ever have an issue with gameranger the owner wont even try to truble shoot your issue he will just blame your pc since he dosnt have shuch issues no one should.
Ahh i havent used GameRanger in years.. ill give that a go.
The Servers are down since a few years, but there is a way with tungle. Just google it ^^"
Nosrac May 21, 2013 @ 12:14pm 
mutiplayer has been down for some time now.
JohnnySeven May 25, 2013 @ 9:34am 
R4MpAgE May 29, 2013 @ 8:49pm 
tungle is closed
=(eGO)= Hunter May 29, 2013 @ 9:55pm 
Thank you all for the Feedback.
Wembley [AUT] May 30, 2013 @ 10:40am 
well, offline mode is still awesome... can't wait for tomorrow...
Solotalento May 31, 2013 @ 7:04am 
are there still some people playing it through tunngle?
Fettel May 31, 2013 @ 7:14am 
its so you buy grid 2
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