Bob Feb 22 @ 1:55pm
"The Hunter"
why on earth arent "The Hunter" on steam while these hunting games are? its on greenlight but i dont think its on steam store.
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Freelance Mar 23 @ 2:09pm 
They're probably not ready to put it on Steam yet. I'm sure it'd gain a lot of new players when it does though. It's the best hunting game I know.
exodore_2000 May 2 @ 2:03pm 
It was ok for a while but the permits cost too much real money. otherwise it was fun for a few hours.
LeoCean May 12 @ 9:35pm 
Because the game has stupid pay to play practices, so it should never be on steam. That or they don't want steam to get a cut of their profits.
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Finn Jul 19 @ 10:48am 
Just got greenlit! check it out! Although its not really F2P Its P2W the f2p part is really more of a demo/intro of the game
Aero Aug 5 @ 12:56pm 
TheHunter is on steam now... and like you guys says, its P2P -_-
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