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Olt.March [PzL/901] Feb 5 @ 9:19pm
New Permanant Server in Mare Nostrum!
The Panzer-Lehr Regiment 901 is a new unit primarliy based out of Darkest Hour, we now have a server up in DH, MN, RO1, RO2. We are actively recruiting and accepting new members. If you have any interest in joining the Panzer-Lehr contact one of our admins or members.

~Oberleutnant March, CO PzL/901
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thank you as i love playing DH.
Fallschirmjäger Feb 6 @ 10:49am 
Not into joining a unit/clan etc....,but good to see a another mare nostrum server though(the others did when the mod ended too?though downloaded i think around time out and played bots,or went to the internet cafe.But that was not even much over the last few years too) .But when always check there,only one up and empty, unless a fight night thing going on,and last one in january this year.

For DH,been playing that like crazy since january this year,before that had a downloaded version or more,forget when first did that,around the time it came out?.Have had no pc from mid 2012 when it broke too,(was dial up speed),got at laptop late last december 2013 with wireless conection so why playing it so much .The wireless not sure how long though too will have,as brothers and if leave takes with him,i cant pay for it.And yea played DH like i did mare nostrum over last few years,net cafe,but more than mare nostrum as more servers and people i remember.On your server have to see how busy to play on it,been on the 29th one as most full,or good guys combined forces server?,which did a few times,but now empty when check it.

As for RO1 or jusrt RO right,like the above at home,sometimes i remember too with dial up online?,and internet cafe over the years.I bought the game box years ago,forget when,mostly bot play.Since online at home have played it a bit too, when seen servers full enough,like a 24/7 Arad one,but had bots on it too aswell.Though this month,when check seems like no one online when i check,or not enough,like dead,all on RO2 and DH or other games.And for RO2 want it,but no cash right now,wanted the box one,but not in shops,saw one last year,wanted,but gone now.When get some cash,may try and get it/download it off the steam site,and the same for the pacific theatre one,marines/japanese etc...
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Remy Schrijnen Feb 15 @ 7:35pm 
Thanks a lot for the server
Its good to see them and play.
beEZ Feb 21 @ 10:07pm 
Thanks so much for the server. And it is located in North America too! Wow :)
I hope people play often on it. I will be looking forward to it.
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