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by R.S.Sultan(KZ)
[FR] [EN] Faire fonctionner et configurer GTA IV sur Windows 8 / Run and configure GTA IV on Windows 8
by The.Doctor
Avec Windows 8/8.1, il y a de grandes chances pour que le jeu ne se lance pas ou qu'il y ai un problème lors de la configuration des graphismes. Ce guide va vous aider à régler ces problèmes. // with Windows 8/8.1, there is a good chance that the game...
Зомби в Grand Theft Auto IV
by Captain Arby
Зомби в GTA IV!...
GTA IV | Русификатор
GTA IV Simple Native Trainer v6.5 key bindings FOR SINGLEPLAYER
by RejingleCaboose
* I did not make the trainer * Here are all the key bindings for the commands in Simple Native Trainer version 6.5
Как превратить GTA IV в GTA V
by Earl V.Almazov
Сейчас я расскажу вам как сделать вашу gta IV в 100 раз круче чему у других!...
Как исправить бесконечную загрузку в Windows 8/How to fix infinite loading on Windows 8
by Fabulous Lion
Easy steps to unlock graphics restrictions and fix infinite loading screen. Простое решение проблемы с бесконечной загрузкой и с заблокированными настройками графики....
How To Play GTAIV without Games For Windows Live
The title says it all...
All cheats GTA IV and EFLC
by ViníciosSoder
A simple guide to get all cheats of Grand theft auto: IV...
Windows 8.1 и Games for Windows Live
by best :)
Достижения в Grand Theft Auto IV
В процессе игры, Вы сможете получить 50 разнообразных достижений. За каждое из них, Bы будете получать определенное количество очков. Всего и...
Fix Games for Windows Live (GFWL) - EN/FR
by DarthWound - (travail / work)
This guide is working for every GFWL game. It's not GTA IV only ! I can't promise that it'll work, but you can try. Don't know if it's gonna work after GFWL shutdown. I did that for a lot of GFWL games, for myself, or during support to other peop...
Русский язык в GTA IV
by modi
Русское меню, субтитры и чат...
100% Game completion guide
by That one guy, Jesus
A walkthrough for everything to do with 100% completion, on GTA IV. I welcome you. Please leave a + rating....
[FULL] Grand Theft Auto IV - Cheats Guide
by Kazual
Have you completed GTA IV and want to enjoy it further! Do you want a Guide to help you with your in-game money problems, increasing your amount of guns or and drive around in the best and biggest cars? This is your Guide, Enjoy...
GTA 4 - LCPD First Response - Police Mod
by Dewyy
Are you bored of being the bad guy? Wanna become a cop in Liberty City? Then LCPD First Response mod is what you need!...
GTAIV ENB/iCEnhancer & Better Texture Overhaul Tutorial Guide
by FriskyNoodle
Guide for people who want to graphically overhaul the game to its potential, and want a thorough run through of what to do, what not to do, and insight on what to look out for....
Cоветы и подсказки по игре Grand Theft Auto IV
by Неположняк
Секреты, Способы ухода от полиции, Легкое получение денег, Шутливые телефонные звонки , Помощь сломанному автомобилю , Вызов подмоги...
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