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Yum² Nov 12, 2012 @ 4:09pm
GTA-IV can't save games.
When the game starts the Windows/Xbox Live! sign-in comes up, I sign in, and it tells me it can't sign it. My password and profile work on and on GWFM.

Then when in GTA-IV and I try to sign-in to Windows/Xbox Live! again, the Windows/Xbox Live! screen has no letters, no fields to sign-in to. I click what looks like an Avatar box (it's blank and the only clickable on the screen) and am told my sign-in failed. Then I get the message if I want to sign in again (hit "Return") or not (hit "ESC").

I hit ESC and am warned I will not be able to save game progress.

What do I do? Create another Windows/Xbox Live! profile?

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tekkie22 Nov 12, 2012 @ 4:49pm 
I ran into the same issue. I'm not sure if I have fixed it yet or not, but will update you on my progress. It seems as though STEAM has permission from Microsoft to sell licenses and allow downloads, but Microsoft has no straightend out their own digital rights database.

I was sent to where I was able to enter the CD that steam issued and "activate" the license. That page then allowed me to open the "Games for Windows Marketplace" and RE-DOWNLOAD!

*Just found something!*
Thankfully you don't need to redownload anything (yet). I was able to click on the game under the "All Downloads" tab in the Games for Windows Marketplace and there is an option to view the "Game Activation Key". This key was COMPLETELY different that the one issued by STEAM, although in the same format. I restarted GTA IV and used the new key I found instead of the one issued by Steam. Instead of the Invalid CD key msg this time, it downloaded the profile and brought up what looked like the Xbox dashboard for windows. I closed this and the game started normally with no msg about being unable to save. Crossing my fingers.

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tekkie22 Nov 12, 2012 @ 5:06pm 
Seems to have done the trick.
Yum² Nov 12, 2012 @ 5:14pm 
That was my experience with GTA-Tales from Liberty City (in terms of GFWM giving me a new activation key). Still couldn't get the game to save or for the Windows Live! profile to load.

When I type in my Steam activation key at GFWM for GTA-IV I get the message that I need to "Please enter a valid code."

So I'm able to get further along in the Activation Key inputting with GTA-TLC than with GTA-IV. Still can't get either game to save or to connect with a Windows Live! profile. I will think twice before buying any game again that uses GFWM.

I will try to work out a solution on the xbox site and forums. Thanks for the reply!
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