Grand Theft Auto IV

spidermansabat 2013年9月28日下午12:25
Who else want's GTA 5 on PC ?
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][SG][ Greg 2013年9月28日下午12:43 
Im pretty sure every PC gamer EVERYWHERE wants it on PC. I want it on PC
spidermansabat 2013年9月28日下午12:48 
Yea I'm seriously can't wait. When it releases. I'm going to be first online.
Superzocker 2013年9月28日下午1:23 
I can't wait I want it
sshortguy1 2013年9月28日下午1:45 
just out , gta 5 will be out nov. 22nd this yr 4 pc
Who Got Game? 2013年9月28日下午2:04 
Already have on ps3 :D
sshortguy1 2013年9月28日下午4:01 
scary i have a stepson with xbox 4 it , if i really wanted to play it i can , but there's more to life thanh gta or fictional games
sshortguy1 2013年9月28日下午4:02 
sorry to be direct but truth my job is to make money
BuilderBoy01༓ 2013年9月28日下午4:06 
I want it! And Gta TbOGt too
BuilderBoy01༓ 2013年9月28日下午4:06 
Wait... Oh its GTA 5... I WANT IT
BuilderBoy01༓ 2013年9月28日下午4:07 
引用自 Scary Movie!
Already have on ps3 :D
I have PS3 too
ZodaEX 2013年9月28日下午4:09 
引用自 BuilderBoy01
I want it! And Gta TbOGt too

then buy it
Blaziel 2013年9月28日下午5:08 
That Nov. 22nd release date isn't confirmed, it's just a rumour cause of a stupid uk retailer putting it up for preorder claiming that it'll be released then. Then they're going ahead and covering their asses by saying it's subject to change. Let's face it, it's always been a delay of roughly a year between console and pc release, so be patient...or borrow a friends console lol
ACID360 2013年9月28日下午6:40 
i have recently made a group called GTAVNEWS you guys should check that out !
Btw its only pc news
XWARLORDKINGX 2013年9月28日下午7:40 
that why i stll have my ps3 and it great game if ever comes to pc i would just for the cheat cods and mods
Hagrid 2013年9月28日下午7:44 
PC gamers have made GTA one of the best game series there is due to mods and they've allowed it to live on past it's normal shelf life. I mean, I only got GTA IV recently cus of mods. It just feels like Rockstar has betrayed us
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