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Marijuambat Feb 6, 2013 @ 12:23pm
Can someone explain GTA IV's multiplayer?
How many people can you free-roam with? Can you free-roam? Can you go on quests or missions together? etc.

The multiplayer would be the main reason I would buy this.
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Hawkes Feb 6, 2013 @ 12:40pm 
i use to play alot on xbox if i remember right the Free roam multiplayer mode lets you go around the whole map with up to 16 players and you can change the settings to allow friendly fire turn cops on/off.
as for what you can do in it its just make your own fun pretty much the most common thing i use to do with friends is we would spend 5-10 minuites gathering weapons and ammo to try and stay alive as long as possible agaisnt 5 star cops it was fun for a bit but it gets old and if you dont have friends to play it with i dont think its worth it.
there are other game modes such as Race's. Deathmatch. but Deathmatch was pretty lame GTA doesnt have the best shooting controls.
there was a game mode that was basically a co-op mission but i dont remember it well and it was only 1 mission.

all in all though dont buy it just for the MP i would only buy it if you were intrested in the single player and then the MP would just be a bonus if you had friends to play with my experiance with random players while playing GTA wasnt really good they just shoot you on sight but then again that was on Xbox

also its going to be worth waiting for GTA V instead becous Rockstar did a way better job with red dead redemption Free roam and co-op wise it blew GTA IV out of the water so im pretty sure GTA V is going to be a lot better in every aspect
Zuldwyn vhs7 Feb 6, 2013 @ 4:20pm 
Well Hawkes i agree on you saying wait until GTA V but there isnt one mission for multiplayer theres like 5 and if you want you can have a higher limit then 16 people and if you know how you can do story mode with your friends ya but dont buy it for the multiplayer and yes you can free-roam its a giant map i would still wait until GTA V its gonna be alot better like Hawkes said.
Try bomb da base or mafia work. Deathmatch for me is redundant. I like playing WITH other people as a team, so TDM is a must for me. Race cars mode is pretty fun too. Wish they would bring destruction derby like MTA:SA has.
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