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Slim_Jim 2013年11月17日 7時39分
How do I save??
Do I NEED to have a GFWL account to save the game? Whenever I try to sign up for it I fail, becasue it thinks I don't have a windows account... but i do... I needed to make 1 for my windows 8. So, I would like to know how to fix that or is there anotherway to save the game, like another program or coding or something. I've heard Roman talk about having two girls at once way to much and I already hate him, so any help is appriciated.
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[USEF] Jonezy 2013年11月17日 13時50分 
yes the only way to save the game it have rockstar Social Club and GFWL installed. steam doesnt install the updated version, if you are lucky signing into GFWL will automatically install the update. My game wont even run right now. ive installed and uninstalled 3 times. it was working fine the other day.
beware of Rockstar and the quarky bs they make you do just to play their game. goodluck and hey Rockstar, YOU SUCK!!!
G_SE7EN7 2013年11月18日 3時53分
comment 16 is exactly how i fixed my key issues
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