Slendamun Jul 29 @ 6:51pm
literally no textures. none.
I downloaded gta, spent 20 dollars. Opened the game up and started the campaign. everything was fine, i was driving roman around, until i turned a corner, and found that the entire world had no texture, it was a see-through maze of invisible buildings. i thought i could fix this, so i opened my gta folder in my downloads and there waas literally nothing inside of it except a fold that had the title "usermusic" and when i opened that, it was empty as well. I really wish i could play this game considering i paid for it. Anyone have a solution?
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Gravy Aficionado Jul 29 @ 7:14pm 
Have you verified game cache? I'd probably just install it again and see what happens.
stay cranked Jul 29 @ 8:52pm 
yea u gotta call steam and tell them it is really sucked
Slendamun Jul 30 @ 3:24pm 
I re-installed, took 7 hours, and the the some problem occured. i tried to fix it again by making my video 1360x800 (i think) but i couldnt. and i couldnt, whenever i tried to switch from 800x300 it just went back immediatly. So basically there is no solution. waste of 20 dollars.
Those dont go there Jul 30 @ 6:44pm 
The data you are looking for is most likely going to be in \Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV

Steam isn't going to let you run it if it incomplete so that isn't the issue. How about your hard ware? GPU used? DirectX log dump (just the hardware part)?
Slendamun Jul 30 @ 7:33pm 
Looking now, i found it, thank you so much, i was ably to aply the fixes and i got my textures back.
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