Midnight Club II

Midnight Club II

Insanic Aug 16, 2012 @ 11:57pm
Last Boss
He is too hard, I give up.
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Whiskey_Fox Aug 27, 2012 @ 10:07pm 
Savo is a ♥♥♥♥♥ and a half. No lie. His car is made of AIDS. I use the Saikou XS for all of his races. IMO it is best car and way better than the grippy GTR-34 you get. (I foget what it's actually called in game. It's the last car you get before Savo)
Whiskey_Fox Aug 27, 2012 @ 10:07pm 
But yes, try the Saikou XS. It is a very underrated car and just as fast as Savo's. The in game stats lie lol
Ngazi Sep 7, 2012 @ 2:19pm 
Learn the map. Savo is slow.
Skylord_Robert May 22, 2013 @ 4:14pm 
This boss is the trickiest of them all. I spent a year trying to win until I looked up cheats for the PS2 version. I did the Steam version all legit. it was tough
Badshooter 270 May 29, 2013 @ 8:08am 
What a great community to encourage this guy and not tear him down!
wow, you actually made it that far? i got stuck when i got to the blonde girl in tokyo and havent played since
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Ngazi Jul 6, 2013 @ 1:24am 
Nice video.
sha Jul 21, 2013 @ 10:35am 
I actually just beat Savo, it reqiured a couple of retries but I managed to get it finished. I don't know why, but I never beated him on the PS2 version..

Best bet I used was to just use the Saikou XS and bank on his mistakes.
Baby Jesus Aug 31, 2013 @ 8:47am 
hahah lol i beat the game years ago when i was 13 without cheats or anything... no bueno
chirovette Apr 3, 2014 @ 12:12pm 
Originally posted by grove st 4 life:
wow, you actually made it that far? i got stuck when i got to the blonde girl in tokyo and havent played since

"Let Haley show ya a little somethin', somethin'..."

Yeah her second race in particular is a little ridiculous! lol Honestly, a lot of the races in this game are very difficult, particularly for like 99% of gamers. I know that many people, some here in the forum, are so good at this game and are kind of elite gamers, that they may not be able to understand how difficult this game really is because of their formidable skill, but even though I beat the game waaaaay back over a decade ago when it launched on the PS2, and I just picked it up off Steam a week or two ago (and am on the third World Champ race) I can agree that this game is tough,

My advice is twofold:

1. Learn the course and all the shortcuts so you can navigate the race like the back of your hand.

2. SLOW DOWN! I know for me this was huge! I was trying so deperately to get into first as fast as possible that I always ended up crashing up a storm, damaging out my car, and throwing my controller in rage. :) But once I realized that I can get into first place just by IGNORING the other racers to a large extent and just running my race at a decent speed that keeps me out of crashes and preserves my car health, it started getting a lot easier. I also found that in many places I actually DO NOT take the slipsteam I get from cars ahead of me, because I end up *ss-over-teakettle or slamming head on into a wall or tree...and not the one of the good ones you can drive through! lol

Honestly? If the game is important to you, then just stick it out and do that stuff and you will get through it. I am sure that some of th gamers on ths forum who would blow my doors off in this game can add a ton to the advice I gave you, but that's all I got.
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Ngazi Apr 3, 2014 @ 6:43pm 
If you know the map and be careful of traffic, it doesn't matter so much whether you stay in first or behind. Knowing the line you are going to take and still leave room to be able to react to traffic is the biggest way to do better in campaign. Use slip stream and nitrous at the right time going into a traffic light stretch. Find a landmark to remember exactly where to brake, to turn, to push.

Don't be afraid to try different routes. You might be faster going one way just because of your style. Same with different cars too.
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chirovette Apr 8, 2014 @ 7:29am 
Ngazi, when you ay "know the map and be careful of traffic," I think for the most part that works. the problem is that this game really is extremely difficult. I find that, yes, knowing the map, the shortcuts, the course for the particular race, and where to cut corners on your handbrake turns is absolutely very helpful, no question about it.

If you know the course like the back of your hand and where all the shortcuts are, then you have a leg up. Also, remembering where you will be driving with traffic and where you are forced to drive against traffic is vital to sort of mentally prepare yourself for the race. A perfect example of this is the second Savo (world championship) race in Tokyo. In my honest opinion, that is the most difficult race in the game, hands down.

The problem I have with this game is the same I had with it over a decade ago. The AI competitors are so fierce and drive so fast that the margin of error for beating the races, particularly that one, is too slim in my opinion. Now also keep in mind that I am a good gamer, arguably above average, but NOT an "elite gamer."

So my honest opinion about this game is that Rockstar should have dialed it down just a drop in terms of dificulty. Let's use that Savo race as an example (again, the second one in Tokyo): Yes, I beat it without the cheats. But by the time I did, it was long after it had stopped being fun and I only beat it out of sheer determination and force of will.

As for being careful of traffic, that is a lot easier said than done in this game, because the way the cars handle it makes it very dificult to navigate through congested pockets. Even slowing down, picking a line in advance to anticipate what's coming, and driving very carefully, I found that avoiding collisions,particularly in the huge highway stretches of that race where you are forced against traffic was next to impossible. Sure, I could avoid over 90% of the crashes, but that isn't good enough. I noticed that I could drive the last half of that race perfectly and ONE crash toward the end would be enough to let the AI jump ahead and win.

tl;dr I think that if I could go back in time and worked for Rockstar, I would have made the game just a drop easier. Not insanely easier but just a little, in order to make the races more fun.
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Nameless Ghoul Apr 23, 2014 @ 9:53pm 
I rely on traffic to screw them over, that's how i usually win.
606Relax Apr 26, 2014 @ 9:17am 
I don't look at the game as being too hard or too unstable. That said, I always put those two codes in(under the nine setting) to make things more interesting. Still..it didn't do much when it came to cranking the game up to be harder. I do know however that putting it to the one setting made it very easy, but there is no fun in that and I never did it to advance.

I never had much problems getting back into this game for PC; aside from learning the manji drift, it was a walk in the park. I do however remember two races that stood out when I picked this game up on release for PS2 that brought me to let's call it the "red zone" of a young lets say 10year olds life....well actually three races but i'll get to that.
1.-The first was the final Dice race(LA Champion). At the time of a young age and patience, I recall doing this race over and over again...mainly sticking with the RX-7. After a good 20 retries and it always coming down to that final stretch of breaking through the glass and going through the stadium and then jumping over the highway, I was at my wits end and chose that, if I am going to beat these vipers....i'm going to beat them by a lot....so I made the decision of using the motor-bike. At the time, like I said before...this seemed logical. Now thinking back about it...I wish there was a camera on me for all those motor-bike retries...I do remember finally beating that race and standing up, controller in-hand and screaming "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" then two minutes later laughing my♥♥♥♥♥off at the first oppentent in Paris because of his headphones.
2.-The second race that i'd, if asked what is the hardest race in the game..I would have to go with the Savo race in Paris that is the free roam checkpoint race. Once again, I had no problem beating it when I came back to this game...but I recall getting to the "Red zone" that I went through a good week or so after dealing with that Dice race because of this race. I was all over the place, from changing cars to changing my routes/following different AI's [^^chirovette with a logical point^^]. Finally, after undoubtedly trying all the AI routes and talking trash while battling each and every one of those S7's...I came to conclusion that the AI the breaks left off the start and races solo had the best route. Now was the tricky part...what vehicle would get me to the checkered flag first? Truthfully, I cided with using the motorbike once again(Zen's bike)....now ladies and gents...that could have been an internet sensation montage of a kid raging so hard that it would have probably scared the masses. I recall getting the last checkpoint and ripping open the full map while flying at top speeds and seeing Savo's stupid ♥♥♥♥ing! red triangle closing in on the orange finish just as quick as I was....I can truely play this memorie back visually in my head of closing the large map and starting off with a small tone of "eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh" and quickly gaining into a "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". The closer to the finish the louder I screamed....the mini map showed my triangle and Savo's red triangle closing in quick...there was no air in the room...time has slowed down....I recall the ferris wheel...I had to make a sharp right then left and I was golden...but..I knew Savo had a straight shot to the finish. I crossed the checkered..milliseconds went by and Savo crossed in second place. It was one for the books.
3.-Now this race was never a problem for me but I remember a friend from school playing this game with me together in time and he not being successful at victory, I think POTENT AFRICAN THUNDER had the same problem that he did. It was the Haley unrouted checkpoint race. Long story short I got his memory card from him at school one day and beat it for him.

Through the many years of playing this game and truely loving it still to this day, all I can say about Savo aside from the fact I will one day dress as him for Halloween....it wasn't Savo that was ever hard....it was that ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥ Ivy. She was the hardest ♥♥♥♥ing AI to beat/pass/follow w/e you want to call it. She was a monster. FYI, Ivy is one of the AI's that race along side Savo. Pretty sure they're ♥♥♥♥ing. I recall her always getting ither 1st or 2nd in the race in tokyo where you have to take that big jump over the highway to hit the finish point. That race was always fun too...you have a perfect race up until you have to go in that underground tunnel system where you'd enter way to fast and you'd hit the roof of your car resulting in a crash/spin-out leaving you facing the other pathway in the tunnel system..or you'd somehow take the first jump and your car would decide to land and just spin right the ♥♥♥♥ out as Ivy, Savo and the gang like a team of sprint cars-slip stream right past you to the finish all screaming shake and bake.

My advice...
-1.Use the Lusso XT(Lexus GS430) and learn the manji drift....the "tail slide" as some would dumbly call it. That is my favorite car to use and if not the easiest, one of the easiest to achieve the manji drift without error. Also...you are very wrong if you think that the manji drift isn't possible to do on playstation or xbox...just because you're using a hand held controller, doesn't mean you can't pull of this great trick. Like DreeMax, I beat every race in the game with the Lusso XT...my applause goes out to him for beating the game with the first car you start with....crazy.
-2. Oddly enough this relates with 1. Midnight Club 2 is a game of drifts...understand the turns and you'll never need the brake. Infact, look at this game as if you raced on ice. Taking wide lines and cutting sharp on the corner is the way to go, just like racing in real life.
-3. Never stop playing this game.
-4. Don't try to race dirty...not worth it...it's easier to just pass with style.
-5. If you truely can't get the manji drift down...take advantage of what I say next...want to reach top speeds easily off starts? Follow behind a racer and just before your slip stream "boost bar" reaches the red zone, hit the nitrous button and quickly double up and hit the boost bar aswell. You will greatly increase your speed from not only the nitrous but the boost as well. More bang for your buck.
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