Frank Jul 8, 2013 @ 10:11am
online players
i bought this game to have a nice street racing game, with online play as well, if anyone likes to play online with me, just add me.
if anyone knows a decent street racing game without the freak!n dlc the manufacturers put in nowadays then please tell me, i'd be glad to know, it doesn't have to be a steam game but i realy want it to have online multiplayer options.
Probably such a thing doesn't exist nowadays, so lets hope there will be ever a need for speed underground 3 or so

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EricTheMiner Aug 1, 2013 @ 8:54pm 
it would be awsome for a need for speed underground 3 i loved the last 2 hopefully there is!
JohnShepardN7ME Apr 10 @ 8:37pm 
wanna play this online with people but no one ever online to play it with! (yes i know this post is old)
606Relax Apr 25 @ 1:17am 
i'll play
LyriCa [HardStyle] May 19 @ 11:15am 
aadd me , from time to time i play mc2 and would love to play online.
matthew2777 Jun 25 @ 1:09am 
The real vets at CTF are on ps2..we all coming back, lets make this game big, who wants to join? slim ps2 on ebay is only 40 bucks and mc2 is like 4 bucks on there too

i just bought both....lets do this.
Eyjafjallajokull Jun 25 @ 4:04am 
AquariusPower (Banned) Jul 2 @ 1:43am 
Originally posted by Fannini:
ok im going to play on steam and ps2 how do i get online with you guys on here? i just bought the game
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