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Русификация от 1С
by Maus
Официальный текстовый русификатор от 1С. Звукового русификатора от 1С не существует!!!...
by Manhunter
Download the 2 patches from Mr.White and the other guy, extract all files (install) in the manhunt directory, then start manhunt with then rightlcick and start as administrator!!! THEN IT WORKS!!!...
Ultimate Manhunt Configuration & Fix Guide for Modern Systems!
by Oblivion2500
This guide contains all the steps-by-steps needed to get Manhunt working on the modern hardware and operating systems such as Windows Vista, 7, and 8/8.1. Also contains graphics/gameplay tweaks and mods to enchant the game further. This guide is intended...
Исправление бага с воротами в 1 уровне.
by Gery
Посвящается всем тем, кто приобрёл на свою беду стимовскую версию Munhunt....
How to run Manhunt on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and get through the gate.
by MrEWhite
This will show you a fix that will allow you to get through the gate....
Manhunt For Vista-7-8 And Fixing Bugs (English/Español)
by Xdono El Tricker
Heys everyone, following these instructions you should be able to fix those sad bugs from the Manhunt version of Steam, and be able to run it on Windows Vista and 7 if you also need it, doing once the same steps its gonna solve that 2 problems. After sear...
Manhunt crash/general fix
by GHOSTゴースト
Following this guide will make you able to play Manhunt just as if no problems ever happened....
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