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GTA: San Andreas - The Complete Modding Guide
by IceColdRefridged
The complete guide to everything San Andreas modding. I teach you how to downgrade your game, fix various bugs, install the multiplayer mod optionally, and teach you everything I know about modding....
Чит_Коды (GTA:SA)
by 4ekHuTblu*
Полный список чит-кодов для игры Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas...
gta san andreas koodit
by skyr1m11
gta san andreasin koodeja suomeksi...
Русификатор Для Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
by [RW]AlexZzシ
How to instal MTA on Steam version GTA:SA. | Как установть MTA на Стим версию GTA:SA.
by Pa4h
Easy way to instal MTA. | Легкий путь для установки MTA. No patch | Никаких патчей ...
by Ezio Auditore
Aqui estan todos los trucos del Grand Theft Auto San Andreas....
[ITA] Risoluzioni widescreen e supporto completo per i controller
by DaisukeJigen
Data la mancanza di una guida in italiano riguardante l'implementazione del true widescreen e del supporto completo per i controller (controller 360 o PS3, ad esempio), ho deciso di scriverne una io. AGGIORNAMENTO: Guida aggiornata con la nuova ...
How to install gta san andreas multiplayer (SAMP)
by Ba[R]aD`
How to install GTA san andreas multiplayer Play and browse for servers if this guide will get alot of rating i will make a guide on how to open and host your own server...
Фикс вылетов в мультиплеере [SA-MP]
by Yaakov Ewanson
Фикс приложения для корректной работы без "банальных" вылетов. ...
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Enhanced Edition
by Django
After the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on iOS/Android/XBox 360/Windows Store I started to investigate which version was the best. Check it out how to get the best of every version....
[PT-BR and ENG] Maps úteis/ helpful for 100%
by >*Inc*< 騎師垃圾桶
Um guia em PTBR e ING, que irá reunir mapas bastastes úteis e se o item do mapa dará recompensa e se é necessário para o 100%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Cheats, Tips and Tricks)
by Bizkit
Cheat Codes: All Cars Have Nitro - SPEEDFREAK Always Midnight - NIGHTPROWLER Boats Fly - FLYINGFISH Cars Float Away When Hit - BUBBLECARS Chaos Mode - STATEOFEMERGENCY Elvis is Everywhere - BLUESUEDESHOES Faster Gameplay - SPEEDITUP Funhouse Th...
10 Things to Do Before Riot
by Exabyte(Anti-Jōmaad)
After the "Riot" mission, there are somethings that hard to make because of chaos. In this guide you can find useful information that will help you in the misson "End of the Line". "Riot" görevinden sonra oluşan kaostan dolayı yapılması zor şeyler ...
Las novias de CJ y cómo conquistarlas.
by Everton1992
En esta pequeña guía sobre el juego Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , vamos a hablar de cómo conseguir a las 6 novias existentes en el juego, que no son importantes para lograr el 100%, pero sí para lograr algunas objetos que no encontraremos en o...
Установка San Andreas Multiplayer в Steam
by Frozin
Make PC version of GTA SA look like PS2 version
by 470mF >:(
This mod will return original GTA PS2-spirit to PC. ("downgrading" gta-sa.exe is not requred, mod fully compatible with Steam-version)...
All Tags, Snapshots, Horseshoes, Oysters and Unique jumps in GTA:SA
by ♠ 3l3m3nt. ♠
In this guide I will show you the locations of 100 tags, 50 snapshots, 50 horseshoes, 50 oysters and 70 unique jumps. Including rewards which will follow after collecting them....
Другие 15 секретов GTA San Andreas
by asolionov
В этом руководстве я приведу ещё 15 секретов GTA San Andreas. Скриншоты прилагаются....
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