Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Exodus_Attack 2013年7月21日上午1:55
Looking to trade
I bought the GTA complete pack on here so I could play through all the GTA games before GTA V was released. Well years ago I pre ordered San Andreas and I still have the dvd and it works just fine. So I have an extra copy of GTA San Andreas on steam now as a digital version and do not need it. I am looking to trade this with someone who is interested in playing San Andreas. Add me to your friends list if you are seriously interested and want to talk further. Thank you
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ScooT 2013年7月21日下午12:00 
ill trade you Game Dev Tycoon
DarkSpartaForPresidentSEAL 2013年7月22日上午6:38 
aw i love san andreas
DarkSpartaForPresidentSEAL 2013年7月22日上午6:39 
i used to play it alot with my brother Fun times :)
Exodus_Attack 2013年7月22日下午9:02 
Ok I guess I have to up the ante per say since no one seems to be interested. I will trade San Andreas and ONE other copy of a game from my library for 1 QUALITY (NO indie games) title I don't have. Message me or add me as a friend.
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