<AKA>Cold Killer 2013年3月7日 10時59分
Gta San Andreas always Crash :-(
Always when i start the game i have black screen and it crashed :-(
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s1m0n 2013年7月21日 12時10分 
i have the same issue...
viMeO 2013年7月21日 15時20分 
i have worst problem. game crashes when i'm playing. and it's worst,cause i'm playing without cheats. and some missions hard to complete,and game always crashes before i could save =((
lv426_ 2013年7月22日 2時13分 
I have the same problem, the start up screen is black but if i hit esc i get the main menu and can play, then i can play for awhile no problems but after doing the AK episode it seems to crash everytime when i go to drive the guy home with a sound loop and the game crashes out.
Any fixes?
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