Mango 2013年8月16日上午3:58
anyway to get a refund?
i get a lot of problems with the game and the missions for me are hard, is there anyway i could get some kind of refund. i didnt like the game much really
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Vox 2013年8月16日上午4:13 
You won't get a refund for that however if you are having problems I would suggest watching videos or reading guides they maybe useful

Is the mission Demolition man the problem?
Mango 2013年8月16日上午5:39 
nope, but ill keep trying to beat the missions lol
Joker 2013年8月16日下午6:02 
how can u not like this game its so fun and easy
zuchima 2013年8月17日上午6:23 
Gta vice city and san andreas are known for their hard missions. If you come to this game from only playing gta 4 and or the saints row games it will be a bit of a learning curve. And like labyrinth was saying the demolitions man mission, you dont have to do the avery carrington missions (Ones marked with the big A). Anyways I hope you find some fun in my favorite game!
Mango 2013年8月17日上午6:25 
thanks im getting better at the missions ive played most gtas gta one. two, three, four, san andreas
HeisenAlpaca [Workem] 2013年8月17日上午10:55 
there are other ways to have fun in gta for example cheatcodes :3
meme king 2013年8月18日下午6:30 
They won't give you a refund because you aren't "good" (not in a bashing way, but some skill is required to complete missions. Yeah the older GTAs are somewhat different, but all it takes is practice. There's video guides and cheat codes, as others have suggested.
Mil-argo 2013年9月13日上午5:39 
its all that cod when it comes to a real game all those babies complain
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