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Apple 2013年6月2日 2時02分
Gta vice city : Help! anyone got a save game after demolition man?
I realy need a save game after demolition mann not a 100% but around 50% i dont care about how many missions it is after just under 50% please somone help me!
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[V!P] halofreak61 2013年6月4日 2時39分 
look up the gta place then you should find downloads ckick on it then vice city there should be a file called 100 percent steam working download it by opening it then look in your document go to gta vice city user files or something like that delete your save game from your file then put the downloaded save file there.
hope this helped
Apple 2013年6月4日 5時56分 
Can i get a link?
[V!P] halofreak61 2013年6月5日 1時44分 
sure however this may only work on windows
[V!P] halofreak61 2013年6月5日 1時51分 
how ever if you would like the save after demo level here is the link
Apple 2013年6月5日 4時58分 
I already has got the first link but the save after demo is for disc version any way i can get a steam version save?
[V!P] halofreak61 2013年6月6日 4時11分 
not that i know of sorry try googling up grand theft auto vice city dc demo save steam working
Apple 2013年6月6日 4時52分 
I just tryed 10 times now and i only get unfinished ones
[V!P] halofreak61 2013年6月7日 3時47分 
oh ok sorry i couldnt help
Apple 2013年6月7日 5時44分 
[V!P] halofreak61 2013年6月7日 6時54分 
well you can always try the 100 percent save!
or do you have a ps3 controller or anything
Apple 2013年6月7日 6時55分 
i gotps3 controller. but i want to do the story
[V!P] halofreak61 2013年6月7日 17時25分 
exactly see if you can connect that in it might work if not download a patch just ask me for link if not work
Apple 2013年6月7日 21時47分 
JJ H 2013年9月14日 5時39分 
Steam - Completed Demolition Man save file:

Put this file in "My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files" or whatever. When you start GTA Vice City, it should be at the bottom of the saved game list.
最近の変更はJJ Hが行いました; 2013年9月14日 5時40分
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