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Grand Theft Auto III | Русификация
Приветствую господа. Сегоднz я расскажу вам "Как-же сделать русской GTA:3?" Все очень просто,вам нужно скачать данный файл -
Grand Theft Auto III | Сохранения
Скачать можно здесь: Кидать файлы формата ".b" нужно кидать в папку "Documents\GTA3 User Files". Приятной игры уважаемые читатели данной с...
GTA 3 Rampage Guide
av NoScopeUrNipples
Guide to rampage locations, details and tips....
How to play GTA 3 and Vice City without issues. Work 100%!!!
av pinacoolade
Steam versions of both games are known to be terribly buggy , plus modern computers dis games are very unstable and can often crash. Make out all the bugs and problems in order: 1) Dark cars in gta3 Solution: download . Exe file from here http://www.m...
Flying with the Dodo
av .executλble
In Grand Theft Auto III, there's a plane with clipped wings, called Dodo. It's not meant to be flyable, but there's a trick that you can use to actually fly with it througout the city. This is the guide that will show you how to fly that thing....
Hidden Packages Locations
av Weed Wizard
A guide for all the locations of the hidden packages and what they unlock...
Grand Theft Auto III - Русификатор (текст)
av ScrambLer
Ссылка: https://yadi. sk/d/DQ_EXr9xUzVMS ( УБРАТЬ ПРОБЕЛ В ССЫЛКЕ!!!!!! ) Перевод от Буки! Установка: 1. Правый клик по игре в библиотеке, левый...
av Warl
This map shows all the hidden package positions, weapons, jumps ... just all the stuff you can find in GTA III except easter eggs....
Achieving full XBOX 360 Controller support in GTA III
av Silent
This guide will let you know how to add full XInput support to GTA III! All you need to do is to download a modification for the game......
Чит-коды (Russian)
av coco
Полный список чит-кодов для игры Grand Theft Auto III...