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Grand Theft Auto III - Liberty Unleashed STEAM
por GuenosNoLife
Liberty Unleashed is a free online multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto 3...
How to play GTA 3 and Vice City without issues. Work 100%!!!
por pinacoolade
Steam versions of both games are known to be terribly buggy , plus modern computers dis games are very unstable and can often crash. Make out all the bugs and problems in order: 1) Dark cars in gta3 Solution: download . Exe file from here http://www.m...
Grand Theft Auto III - Русификатор (текст)
por ScrambLer
Ссылка: https://yadi. sk/d/DQ_EXr9xUzVMS ( УБРАТЬ ПРОБЕЛ В ССЫЛКЕ!!!!!! ) Перевод от Буки! Установка: 1. Правый клик по игре в библиотеке, левый...
Как изменить скин главного героя
por asolionov
Подробное описание изменения модели персонажа в GTA 3...
"GTA III" Steam BUGs FIX + Pantalla Panorámica FIX + Soporte Mando XBOX 360 - PS2 / PS3
por Raskaipika
Esta guía permite: Convertir la versión Steam en la versión en disco 1.1, eliminando los BUGs introducidos en la versión Steam Poder instalar MODs para GTA III Pantalla panorámica auténtica 100% (MOD) Soporte para mand...
Flying with the Dodo
por .executλble
In Grand Theft Auto III, there's a plane with clipped wings, called Dodo. It's not meant to be flyable, but there's a trick that you can use to actually fly with it througout the city. This is the guide that will show you how to fly that thing....
Grand Theft Auto III | Русификация
Приветствую господа. Сегодня я расскажу вам "Как-же сделать русской GTA:3?" Все очень просто,вам нужно скачать данный файл -
Grand Theft Auto III Walkthru
por Darrark
English walkthru for Grand Theft Auto III Reposted here on Steam with consent from the original author: Daniel "DG-le-Ste" Stephen; Copyright (C) 2012 I did not write any of this guide, it is copied as closely to "as-is" as possible to keep the integ...
Hidden Packages Locations
por Weed Wizard
A guide for all the locations of the hidden packages and what they unlock...
How to import your own music
por L-r | Sari
A short, simple guide on how to import music into the game so that you can listen to it in the in-game radio....