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Русификатор для GTA 3 от БУКА
by Lil' D
Официальный русификатор английской версии от БУКА....
"GTA III" Steam BUGS FIX / Pantalla Panorámica FIX / Soporte Mando XBOX 360 - PS2 / PS3
by Raskaipika
Esta guía permite varias cosas: *Eliminar los bugs introducidos en la versión Steam, conviritendola en la versión original 1.1 *Poder instalar MODs para GTA III *Pantalla panorámica auténtica 100% *Soporte para mandos ...
Grand Theft Auto III - Русификатор (текст)
by ScrambLer
Ссылка: https://yadi. sk/d/DQ_EXr9xUzVMS ( УБРАТЬ ПРОБЕЛ В ССЫЛКЕ!!!!!! ) Перевод от Буки! Установка: 1. Правый клик по игре в библиотеке, левый...
by Warl
This map shows all the hidden package positions, weapons, jumps ... just all the stuff you can find in GTA III except easter eggs....
Game Cheats
by Максим, slayer of Ukrainians
This guide contains all cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 3. Cheats do not prevent obtaining 100% of game statistics. However, it is advised to create a backup save, as some cheats cannot be disabled and may affect the gameplay preventing you from completi...
Hidden Packages Locations
by Weed Wizard
A guide for all the locations of the hidden packages and what they unlock...
Чит-коды (Russian)
by Скидка15%наИгры
Полный список чит-кодов для игры Grand Theft Auto III...
Achieving full XBOX 360 Controller support in GTA III
by Silent
This guide will let you know how to add full XInput support to GTA III! All you need to do is to download a modification for the game......
Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Cheats!
by El Scorcho
These are all cheats of the PC version ...
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