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Dahaka369killer 2013年7月18日 20時53分
Gta mods and hacks
Was wondering if the Steam version will support mods without banning the User. Like imported cars and trainers?
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retrosnare 2013年7月23日 2時01分 
i think no. but do you have any links to a working trainer? i can't find it
Silent 2013年7月23日 4時02分 
VC isn't protected by any kinds of anti-cheats, because it doesn't have Achievements nor Multiplayer - feel free to mod your game.
retrosnare 2013年7月24日 22時24分 
working trainer anyone? cant seem to find one
Scalith_ 2013年8月9日 23時24分 
retrosnare の投稿を引用:
working trainer anyone? cant seem to find one
I know this is old, But there are trainers, But not very good ones.
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